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This is a short report from a highly influential media which contains a seriously flawed statement. Some quick info about the report:


Title: Violent Street Clashes In Bangladesh Leave Dozens Dead
Authors: Julie McCarthy
Date of publication: March 01, 2013

I would like to invite you to read the second sentence.

Demonstrators for and against the convicted leader clashed with security forces, leaving dozens of people dead, including police.

If you have been following the ICT and the Shahbag protest for a while I bet you already had  goosebump. If you have heard of the ICT, Bangladesh or the Shahbag protest for the first time, please check with both the most circulated local Bangla and English dailies, specifically, the editions which came out on the same day as the NPR piece did. Were you able to find a single piece of news where the demonstrators against the convicted leader (i.e. the Shahbag protesters) clashed with the security forces? I understand that you weren’t.

Apart from this extremely incorrect information, the article reflects the reality in general. I sincerely appreciate the reporter and NPR for that.

It is not always possible for a reporter to estimate the impact of the article s/he is writing. So, trying to remain as accurate as possible might be the best practice just like we always try to write a computer program free of bugs. I thank Julie McCarthy for taking interest in Bangladesh.

As I have said this is a live commentary on the press covering the ICT of Bangladesh, I am going to send my issues to the authors of this article. I will keep you posted in the comment section whether they agreed with me or not.

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