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On June 24, 2013, ran a news about the visit of one of the investigators of the International Crimes Tribunal, Bangladesh. He was investigating the involvement of Ashrafuzzaman Khan in war crime during the 1971 liberation war which gave birth to Bangladesh. Here is an excerpt from the news about his crime:

“Ashrafuzzaman, hailing from Gopalganj’s Bezra Bhatra, has been charged with killing journalists, eminent writers, teachers, doctors, and intellectuals during the war.

He had allegedly led the notorious ‘Al Badr’, which spearheaded execution of the Bengali intelligentsia during the 1971 Liberation War and said to be its ‘chief executor’.

He is also said to have been an active member of Islami Chhatra Sangha – the student affiliate of Jamaat-e-Islami in 1971. The Jamaat sided with Pakistan and opposed the independence of Bangladesh.”


The same source also reported that he is affiliated with the Islamic Circle of North America, Queen’s Chapter at the New York City.

This encouraged me to investigate it futher. On the contact page I found Ashrafuzzaman Khan’s name. So, I sent out the following email to the leadership on July 23, 2013.

Dear ICNANY leadership,

Salam & happy Ramadan! I just came across this news article published in the most circulated online news website of Bangladesh which alleges that a senior ICNA member was involved in war crime and genocide in 1971 against the people of Bangladesh then East Pakistan. Later I found a member of the ICNANY Shura with the same name, Ashrafuz Zaman Khan.
I would like to know the answers to following questions.
  1. Are the ‘Ashrafuzzaman Khan’ mentioned in the news and the ‘Ashrafuz Zaman Khan’, the member of Shura the same person?
  2. If the answer of question # 1 is no, could you please tell me if the person mentioned in the news is still associated with ICNA? If he still is, I would like to know the chapter and capacity he is affiliated with.
  3. If the answer of question # 1 is yes, does ICNA have any plan to initiate its own investigation about the role of  Ashrafuz Zaman Khan in Bangladesh during 1971 and the channel which associated him with ICNA hiding his past?
Thanks in advance for your answers. Salam.

I never received a reply event after sending multiple reminders. So, I decided to monitor the page on On October 9, 2013 I received an email alert that the page has changed. So, I checked and found that they have removed Ashrafuzzaman Khan’s name. To document more details I have asked the leadership again whether this modification is related to the allegation of war crime against him. I am still waiting for their answers.

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