Why this blog?

Since the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT), Bangladesh started operating, it has always been under the microscopes of both national and international journalists. As a citizen and interested reader I have been following  the reports on ICT from the very beginning. In my area of professional interest whenever we publish a finding it is our responsibility to explain its quality. I was surprised to discover that some of those reports, both from local and international sources, seriously lack from clarity, journalistic honesty and completeness. I understand that a good number of journalists are doing really a great job without having all the resources in the world at their disposal. I also hope they are the majority in number. But the ICT has been running for quite a long time. So, those who are still doing not-so-great job should have learned how to do it better from looking at better examples. This blog will exclusively focus on the quality of such reports and try to understand what went wrong by contacting directly with the sources. All the analyses are sole responsibility of the author who doesn’t have a degree in journalism or law but only a reader’s appetite. Thanks for bearing with me.


I would love to know if you disagree. :)

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